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Time And Money: The Two Most Important Aspects of Software Development

Software development projects are inherently risky. Risky enough that 70% of all software projects fail to goals in regards to time and money. Runaway costs, creeping scope, and exploding complexity all but doom most software projects.

So why work with a professional service firm that expects you to carry the burden of all the risks? We can help! Spazstik Software’s professional services will partner with you to produce value for you and your customers, while helping to bring those risks under control.


Vague product ideas, ill-defined product concepts, or failing to implement a minimal viable product, all lead to run away projects with exploding budgets and requirement inflation.

Problems at this stage have huge impacts. With over 25 years of product concept and realization experience, we can help in defining your next software project and getting it on the right track.

Planning and Design

Implementing technology for technology sake, choosing a platform that you cannot control, or lack of vision on how to implement a product idea, all contribute to project complexity.

Projects quickly get out of hand as the complexity increases. Spazstik Software can provide a guiding hand in charting the quickest, and most cost effective, route to a product implementation.


Inability to make timely decisions, fixating on low priority details, huge change requests late in the project, or specification breakdown are how a project looses focus and slows progress.

Spazstik Software professional services can laser focus on the things that are important and critical to your business objectives.

Deployment and Support

A project does not end at delivery. Spazstik Software will also provide what is required to properly transition and support your project to assure the greatest degree of success.

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The guiding principles of our professional services are:

  1. A successful software project must create value for your organization and it's customers that is greater then the costs.
  2. Belief that hourly billing is immoral and increases the amount of risk for a project.
  3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Spazstik Software is a privately held software company based in the United States. Since 2012, we have been providing high quality mobile software. It is a hallmark of good quality software that it simplifies tasks, saves time, and creates value for customers.

In addition to creating are own applications, we at Spazstik Software also provide contract services to other companies to help with their applications for iOS, OS X, or WatchOS, or complete software systems and Enterprise web portals.

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