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Have you experienced this before. You are working on your monthly bills or budget and need to add a list of numbers together. You punch them into a calculator and get an initial answer. Accuracy being at a premium, you want to make sure that the answer is correct you enter the list in a second time. You get a different result. Which answer is correct?

So you enter the list in a third time. It matches one of the previous results. But does that make it correct? You enter it again and before long you are playing bingo as opposed to simple math.

StackCalc is the iphone calculator for you!

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  • Visual Math Application

    StackCalc's limitless stack view accommodates any size expression. Use your finger to slide the list up and down to review your entries. Use touch gestures to fix any errors or make adjustments. Never again have to verify a calculation by entering it multiple times.

  • Swipe it, pull it, push it

    The expression can be reviewed, fixed, or enhanced using common touch gestures. Tap a number to edit it. Swipe a number left or right to delete. Push the list up or down to add more entries. Zoom to add a number in the middle of a list.

  • Navigate expressions

    As the complexity of your calculations increase you can use the built-in expression panel to navigate around to review and make changes. Touch, hold, then drag your finger around the expression bar. StackCalc will adjust the stack view to reflect what part of the expression your are touching in the expression bar.

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StackCalc In Action

Working on homework, taxes, balancing a checkbook, or doing math. StackCalc helps by showing your expressions in a stack view, a spreadsheet like way, that allows for the rapid validation and correction to reliably arrive at the correct answer. Editing is performed through the recognition of common touch gestures: pinch, zoom, swipe, tap, and double tap. You can rapidly enter the operation using the keypad or operation menu.

The abacus, slide ruler, and calculator are examples of how calculators have evolved over time. The need for greater accuracy, ease of use, and time savings have driven this evolution. But the with the iPhone we now have a fully functional computer in our pocket with a wonderful touch interface and colorful large retina display. So why is your calculator application emulating a thirty year old design?

Sure you see examples of some innovation, like using handwriting recognition, emulating paper tape, shifting keypads, colorful buttons, or finger cramping rapid fire digit entry mode tool. But nothing that increases the accuracy or your productivity, or has the intelligent vision that StackCalc has.

An application designer will use the skeumorphic design properties as a way to ease the learning curve. Like paper tape. Is paper tape really the object of your eye?

By leveraging the advantages of the iPhone StackCalc represents the next step in calculator evolution. StackCalc uses display methods and gestures that allows for interacting with your expression as a list of objects. Saving you time and increasing your productivity.

StackCalc's revolutionary visual design take full advantage of the iPhone 5 retina display.

Improve the balance in your life. Save the human from doing all the work and let StackCalc improve your lifeā€¦

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Validate the accuracy of calculations with ease

You are working on your budget and you have a list of numbers to add together. Enter your number into StackCalc through the keypad and finish with the equals. StackCalc switches to its stack view.

Stack view takes advantage of the iPhones display, by showing what you entered in a list. By reviewing the list you can easily verify the accuracy by reviewing all the numbers in your expression. If all the numbers are correct, then the answer is correct.

What if there are mistakes? The Stack view allows any errors to be easily corrected using touch gestures.

The stack view can literally store thousands of entries making StackCalc a very capable iPhone calculator.

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Keypad allows for direct entry of expressions

While StackCalc enables you to interactively build expression, the keypad also allows for the direct input of complex expressions. Once the expression is entered the stack view takes over. You can review what you entered and fix any errors using touch gestures.

Want to figure out what the total bill is and how much everybody should kick in? Use this:

Lets assume the bill is $49.50 and you want to add an 18% tip for three people.

Enter: 49.50 * 1.18 / 3

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Navigate expressions

As your calculation grow in complexity, StackCalc uses the expression bar to display you calculation. By touching and dragging around in the expression bar, StackCalc will navigate around your expression and adjust the stack view accordingly.

You can also touch stack entries and pinch the stack view to navigate around as well.

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Use gestures to edit expressions

StackCalc supports adding entries by allowing you to pull down, push up, or spread apart the stack. You can swipe an entry to the left or right to delete it.

StackCalc will convert a number entry into a stack when you double tap it.

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Hear What People Are Saying

Love that I don't have keep re-entering numbers to make sure I have the correct answer. I can just check the list of numbers. I also like the colors and the animation of the keys.

by Sophiemom

I love it. This thing is awesome and for SURE unique and useful!!!!

by Greg Bella

I love that I can see my complex equation and manipulate it using my iPhone. All my options are just a tap and drag away.

by Raxtolis

The stack is basically limitless and you can easily review all the numbers you typed in. This is extremely helpful when adding a bunch of numbers. Simply scroll through all the numbers to double check and you can easily change a single number if you made a mistake. The equation is also shown which is awesome. Even very complex equations are neatly displayed on the screen LOVE IT

by Bella4011

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