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The Photographer's GPS Tracker for iOS

If your passion is landscape photography. Then geotagging photos might be of interest to you. A geotagged photo is a photo stamped with the latitude, longitude, and a time stamp that is contained in its metadata. Geotagging is accomplished by taking a GPS log and tagging your photos with software like Adobe Lightroom.

Geotagging is handy if you have ever taken a photo of a visually interesting view or object, but wish to recreate or improve that photo. Geotagging allows you to return to where you took a particular photo. Bookmarking potential sites ahead of time can save you time and help maximize your trips out in the field.

SPZTracker is a GPS Logger application designed for photographers. SPZTracker turns your GPS capable iPhone or iPad into a GPS logger that also supports planning for trips, bookmarking points of interest, and backing up critical trip data.

  • GPS Logging

    SPZTracker will log your position using iOS 8’s battery saving background mode. SPZTracker provides two clocks, local and GMT time, for clock synchronization with your camera. You can bookmark and annotate points of interests with notes and observations. The tracking tab automatically displays your bookmarks while tracking.

  • Trip Planning

    Planning an photo expedition? SPZTracker supports planning for your trip by querying points of interest. Once found the points of interest can be bookmarked and annotated with notes that can be used for future reference in the field.

  • Log Security and Management

    Your tracks are just as precious as your photographs. SPZTracker uses iCloud to backup and synchronizes track across multiple devices. Tracks can be exported via email or through iOS 8’s external document picker to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. SPZTracker can also import GPX files from other application or devices like a Bad Elf GPS logger.

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Tracks Your Location

Geotagging your photos accurately depend upon having your camera’s clock properly synchronized with the GPS time. This is accomplished using the two clocks (local and GMT time) that SPZTracker displays when initiating logging.

While tracking SPZTracker allows for marking points of interest while you are out and about. These annotations include the ability to leave notes and descriptions of what you see for later review. In addition, you can promote these annotations to bookmark status. These bookmarks are displayed automatically while tracking or planning you next trip.

iOS has a low powered background update mode for maximizing your devices battery life. SPZTracker takes advantage of this mode.

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Research and Plan Your Next Trip

SPZTracker support planning for trips by supporting geodata lookups. Once a point of interest is found it can be bookmarked for display out in the field.

The points of interest are displayed and examined using iOS’s built-in map views. You can bookmark points of interest for automatic recall when you are out on your trip in the tracking tab.

All marks can be annotated with notes and custom titles. All bookmarks are listed and displayed by your location.

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Backup Tracks to iCloud

Your tracks are as critical as your photographs. SPZTracker can automatically backup your tracks to iCloud. Once a track is saved to iCloud it is automatically saved to all your devices.

All tracks are fully reviewable using the history tab. Annotations can be saved as bookmarks.

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Privacy policy

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Share Tracks as Standard GPX Files

SPZTracker supports sharing your tracks using the industry standard GPX file format. This file is imported into your photo library software (Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, or iPhoto).

The GPX files can be exported through email. Or through storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive, by using the built in iOS 8 document picker.

SPZTracker can be beneficial if you are using an external device like the Bad Elf series of GPS loggers. SPZTracker support importing GPX tracks from external applications or GPS logging devices.

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Supports All GPS Enabled iPhone or iPad Models

Full SPZTracker functionality is enabled using a either a iPhone or iPad with GPS support. Have a non-GPS device? SPZTracker supports reviewing tracks, exporting/importing tracks, and trip planning.

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SPZTracker Has URL Scheme Support

spztracker://x-callback-url/mark-position - Mark current position

spztracker://x-callback-url/toggle-track-start-stop - Toggle tracking on or off

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